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Guiding ministries, pastors, and corporate leaders who are overwhelmed to  recognize, define, and conquer burnout so they can focus!

Daniel's Short Bio

No one wants to speak about leaders and staff burning out, yet everyone is talking about it.

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Meet Daniel

"Broke, Sick, or Dead. If you're a minister in the United States, that's what you can expect by age 62." That's what Michael Chitwood, a nationally recognized financial consultant to churches wrote in an article in his magazine, "Clergy Tax and Law."  The sobering statistic is that the average lifespan of a Christian minister in the U.S. is just 57 years old.

As a pastor serving in Christian ministry for over thirty years, Daniel has witnessed the truth of these his personal life, and in the lives of his fellow ministers, church staff, and even in dedicated volunteers.

As a young man, Daniel became a Christian, and after proudly serving in the United States Navy Daniel was led into ministry.  His heart of service caused him to seek to uplift and encourage others.  He became an assistant pastor and in the early 1990s was appointed as the senior pastor of a congregation in San Diego.

In 2000 he married the love of his life, Mylene, with whom he shares all of his hopes and dreams on this journey of life.

Since ministry does not always provide a substantial income, Daniel built several successful businesses throughout the decades to bridge the gap where his minister's stipend fell short.

However, while the financial hole was plugged for a short time, the time gap increased.  Daniel had less and less time for his family as he worked incessantly.  When he was not working one of his multiple side businesses, he would prepare sermons, do visitation. And help those in his congregation.  When he saw congregants, or friends, or family in financial need he would help them which kept him in a continuing downward spiral of financial and personal chaos.


The stress in his life and marriage continued to build until the financial crash of 2008 brought it all to a halt.

Daniel lost his home and his business.  

For five years, Daniel and his family lived on the streets in an old mobile home, even from that position, Daniel sought to help others and continued to give of himself and his resources.  But financially and emotionally, Daniel was in turmoil. He was physically and emotionally drained.  His resources were depleted.  He was discouraged and his energy was sapped. 

Daniel was known as "The Excusebuster" for his ability to overcome any obstacle and achieve success in the face of overwhelming odds.  But now, The Excusebuster could not even help himself. He had always tried to focus on the positive, to consider his blessings, but now he was beset by misfortune.  He felt more like Job than Jacob.


In 2013, Daniel took stock of where he was.  He had read many, many books about others who had gone through similar experiences and he came to realize that he was suffering from BURNOUT.

On that day, Daniel drew a line in the sand and vowed that his life of burnout would end that moment.

It was a life-changing epiphany, and from that second Daniel put his energy into turning his life of burnout into a life of brilliance.  Instead of letting his energy be sapped he has learned to recharge.  He has learned to use his gifts and talents to lift both himself and all those around him because a rising tide lifts all ships.

Today Daniel lives a life of abundance.  Abundant peace, abundant love, abundant charity.  All that the locust had eaten has been restored.  He and his wife are off the street and live in a beautiful home.  Daniel has found his passion and drive for ministry again and preaches to an international audience.

Daniel and Mylene now share their story and help other ministers, volunteers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and the workers in the trenches of those corporations to fight the burnout that seems to be more and more pervasive in our society.

Daniel will share his unique perspective with you in a relatable, common-sense, straight-forward way that will inspire you and your team to let go of your mental baggage and the destructive practices that wreck lives and relationships and scuttle businesses.  

He will edify and uplift your organization's leaders, help you create a harmonious environment, squash that "us versus them" mentality, and inspire your team like only Daniel can with appropriate anecdotes, quotes, and uniquely personal insights and wisdom.  You'll laugh.  You'll cry.  You'll be inspired.

His methods, if implemented, will make your team more productive and focused, and actually bring joy and harmony to your workplace, ultimately making your organization more profitable while making it a more pleasant place to work, thereby increasing the retention of your best talent.

For a free 30-minute consultation to determine how Daniel can help your organization and valued workers to overcome burnout, please simply call him  at: 1-619-400-9246




Help Me, I'm In The Navy

and I'm Drowning

Men and women in our armed forces face very unique challenges.  Their manpower has contracted while their mission has expanded.  Our military members find themselves on longer and more dangerous deployments with increasing workloads and responsibilities.  I've been there too.  Let me help your team avoid complete burnout.


Corporate Leadership:

Where do we go when it's not working?

Not only are people dealing with the everyday stresses of working in the corporate world, they're now also facing an uncertain future with COVID-19 and the added stress of having their school-aged children at home, worried about their job stability, and the fear of layoffs. My presentation can help them with the stresses of everyday life as well as strategies to alleviate stress on those working from home during this pandemic.

Are your pastors


Do you realize the intense burden your pastors (and even paid and volunteer staff members) are under?  Most of those working in the church are underpaid and struggling financially even while they care for the church members in the congregations.  I can speak from personal experience here and can provide specific strategies to rejuvenate and breathe new life into your worn out and weary staff.

Any of these talks can be presented live or virtually through my Zoom platform, or through your platform of choice.

Daniel In Action


After speaking on "sports fishing with a attitude" to a large group I had the opportunity to go fishing with them.

Having fun sharing the stage and speaking together...

"Fight the bear that is in your mind."

After spending 1000 miles in one day this is how you can feel So fix your mind for the next day....

I had a great time on Christmas Eve speaking on "You Don't have to be a Scrooge."

After speaking on stage with a Group of Ford lovers, I was able to spend time with BLUE THUNDER driver and some kids.

Spending time with wonderful couples after speaking.

Speaking to the U.S. Navy on base in San Diego.

Speaking in the Philippines on "Fighting the burnout of loading bags!"

After spending time on stage then spending quality time with them.

After spending time on stage with you all, now is the time for really spending quality time with you... Oh... and also enjoying the feast with great food and great fun.

Getting ready to speak on travel Burnout with the ones you love

I am in the South Tower getting ready to go on stage.

Spending time with Business Owners In Jamaica

This was me showing 1000 people in a conference how to dance on stage "let's go have fun in your Travels!"

Spending time with great leaders after a great talk on stage.

Can you feel me? Let me energize your Leaders and have some fun on stage.

In Las Vegas speaking in a conference on "Traveling with your pet"

Speaking on stage on the topic of "how to transport your loved one that has died."

Speaking in the woods of California.

Speaking on stage to our Military men and women on "Making friends in Fellowship around the world."

Please Please let me spend as much time as you would like me to, to answer all your questions.

On my way to Catalina to speak with 40 Japanese business owners on "How to travel around the USA?"

Spending a weekend in the North Carolina in the Outer Banks, Strategizing with a Corporation in Maximizing their Leaders potential.

Getting ready to go on stage with the professor, Mr. Books Wilson, asking me questions.

Just getting ready to speak on stage after Mylene sings the National Anthem.

Spent a week on a motorcycle ride with this team of Millionaires.

Feeling the room...Getting ready to speak...


Connect with Daniel

Daniel Lantis

The ExcuseBuster


My job is to enhance your already awesome event.  I will come beside you, edify your existing leadership, and help you to drive your point home though my own experiences, powerful anecdotes, and insights that will connect both intellectually and emotionally with your event.

Thank you so much for spending time with Daniel Lantis  at his website.  Let's keep in touch and work together! Send your information, and he will contact you very soon.  "Let us help you"

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